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Entangled Giant

by Garry Willsfrom THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS George W. Bush left the White House unpopular and disgraced. His successor promised change, and it was clear where change was needed. Illegal acts should cease—torture and indefinite detention, denial of habeas corpus and legal representation, unilateral canceling of treaties, defiance of Congress and the Constitution, nullification [...]
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Read My Pins

Madeleine Albright’s pins: watch the slide show here.
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Jews for Jesus

by Kiera Feldmanfrom n+1 Another New York summer has passed: gone are the warm nights of stoop sitting; gone are the free concerts and outdoor movies and endless scrambles to claim picnic blanket space; and gone, too, are the Jews for Jesus. For the 36th straight year, Jews for Jesus traveled here for their “Summer Witnessing Campaign.” [...]
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Slavoj Žizek – Anti-Semitism, Anti-Semite and Jew 2009

New video entry from EGS. Watch here part 1/8, click to go to youtube for parts 2-8/8. [youtube=]
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American Casino

Watch the trailer here. Full feature coming soon. [youtube=]
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Myth of the Global Safety Net

by Jan Bremanfrom the NEW LEFT REVIEW Media reports on the economic meltdown have mainly concentrated on the impact of the crisis on the rich nations, with little concern for the mass of the population living in what used to be called the Third World. The current view seems to be that the setbacks in these [...]
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Vladimir Nabokov discusses Lolita

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When Writers Speak

by Arthur Krystalfrom THE NEW YORK TIMES That’s Vladimir Nabokov on my computer screen, looking both dapper and disheveled. He’s wearing a suit and a multibuttoned vest that scrunches the top of his tie, making it poke out of his shirt like an old-fashioned cravat. Large, lumpish, delicate and black-spectacled, he’s perched on a couch alongside [...]
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Steve McQueen: "Hunger"

[youtube=] Watch the film here for free.
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New Rule: If America Can't Get it Together, We Lose the Bald Eagle

by Bill Maherfrom THE HUFFINGTON POST New Rule: If America can’t get its act together, it must lose the bald eagle as our symbol and replace it with the YouTube video of the puppy that can’t get up. As long as we’re pathetic, we might as well act like it’s cute. I don’t care about the [...]
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Cameron Todd Willingham: Texas Panel Reviews Rulling That Led to Execution

CORSICANA, Texas — More than five years after Cameron Todd Willingham was executed by the state of Texas for the deaths of his three young daughters in a fire at the family’s home, a state panel will review a report concluding that the original determination of arson was faulty. Willingham was executed in February 2004 [...]
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The Physiology of Taste

Aphorisms of the ProfessorTo Serve as Prolegomena to His Work and Eternal Basis to the Science I. The universe would be nothing were it not for life and all that lives must be fed.II. Animals fill themselves; man eats. The man of mind alone knows how to eat.III. The destiny of nations depends on the manner [...]
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The Italian Difference: Between Nihilism and Biopolitics

This volume brings together essays by different generations of Italian thinkers which address, whether in affirmative, problematizing or genealogical registers, the entanglement of philosophical speculation and political proposition within recent Italian thought. Nihilism and biopolitics, two concepts that have played a very prominent role in theoretical discussions in Italy, serve as the thematic foci around [...]
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"Hopeful" – a solo exhibition by David Levine

Cabinet is pleased to present “Hopeful,” a solo exhibition by Berlin- and New York-based artist David Levine. “Hopeful” explores headshots—photographs of actors looking for work rather than publicity portraits of stars—both as genre and as material artifact. First appearing in the 1950s, these peculiar images routinely disregard conventions of portraiture: the intended viewer, who is [...]
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Converts to Colonizers?

Gabriel Piterberg reviews Shlomo Sand’s When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?from the NEW LEFT REVIEWThe foundational myths of the state of Israel rest on the notion that, throughout history, the Jews have been descended from a single ethno-biological core of Judean exiles who had been removed from their ancestral lands in the first [...]
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Is it Possible to be a Hegelian Today?

Slavoj Žižek: “Is it Possible to be a Hegelian Today?” Tuesday, September 22, 2009 talk at the University at Buffalo. Organized by the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture. Joan Copjec introduces Žižek. Here part 1/7. Click on video to be redirected to youtube for parts 2-6/7. [youtube=]
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Trial of the Century: Revisiting the Dreyfus Affair

by Adam Gopnikfrom THE NEW YORKER On a January day in Paris, in 1895, a ceremony was enacted in the courtyard of the École Militaire, on the Champ-de-Mars, that still shocks the mind and conscience to contemplate: Alfred Dreyfus, a young Jewish artillery officer and family man, convicted of treason days earlier in a rushed court-martial, [...]
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Art For The Millions: 100 Sculptures from the Mao era

In conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair’s focus on China, the SCHIRN will be showing, for the first time ever in the West, the spectacular Chinese sculptural group “Rent Collection Courtyard”. This ensemble of more than one hundred life-size figures is among the most important works in modern Chinese art history and is firmly fixed [...]
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The Torture Memos: The Case Against the Lawyers

by David Colefrom THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS On Monday, August 24, as President Obama began his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, his administration released a previously classified 2004 report by the CIA’s inspector general that strongly criticized the techniques employed to interrogate “high-value” al-Qaeda suspects at the CIA’s secret prisons.[1] The report revealed that [...]
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The God in the Machine

by Lewis Laphamfrom LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY The ordinary course of a cure is carried on at the expense of life: they incise us, they cauterize us, they amputate our limbs, they deprive us of food and blood. One step further, and we are completely cured.–Michel de Montaigne President Barack Obama during his first months in office seldom has [...]
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