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Daily Archives: September 12, 2009

Posthumous Gratitude

by Michael Casperfrom n+1 After David Foster Wallace’s tragic death last September 12, while unburdening my shelf of his works to give them a good nostalgic thumbing-through, I remembered an LP in my collection—plucked several summers ago from the dollar bin of a liquidating Cambridge record store—by an artist with the same name as one of [...]
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Poet of Desolate Landscapes

by Jonathan Lethemfrom THE NEW YORK TIMES By the time J. G. Ballard died in April of this year, talk of his long struggle with cancer should have prepared his followers (“fans” is too pale a word for the devotion Ballard inspired), yet the news still came as a shock. Ballard was, unmistakably, a literary futurist, [...]
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