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To Each According to His Greed

by Slavoj Žižekfrom HARPER’S MAGAZINE The only truly surprising thing about the 2008 financial meltdown is how easily the idea was accepted that its happening was unpredictable. Recall the demonstrations that throughout the last decade regularly accompanied meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank: the protesters’ complaints encompassed not only the usual antiglobalization [...]
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Slavoj Žižek – Kosovo Interview

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The Death of Yugoslavia

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Capitalism: A Love Story

Watch the trailer of Michael Moore’s new documentary: [youtube=]
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The Man Who Changed the World

Militant Islam enjoyed its first modern triumph with the arrival in power of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in 1979. In this series of three programmes, key figures tell the inside story. Former US president Jimmy Carter talks on television for the first time about the episode that, more than any other, led American voters to eject [...]
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Nietzsche / Wagner

Download and read here Friedrich Nietzsche’s writings on Wagner. Includes: I. The Case of WagnerII. Nietzsche Contra WagnerIII. Selected Aphorisms Translated ByAnthony M. LudoviciThird EditionT. N. Foulis13 & 15 Frederick StreetEdinburgh and London1911
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It Happened One Decade

What the Great Depression did to Cultureby Caleb Crainfrom THE NEW YORKER “I want to find out why I’m working,” Cary Grant tells Katharine Hepburn in “Holiday.” Grant’s character, a grocer’s son who put himself through Harvard, wants to take time off from a promising business career, and Grant makes the proposal sound at once [...]
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What Matters

by Walter Benn Michaelsfrom the LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKSIn the US, there is (or was) an organisation called Love Makes a Family. It was founded in 1999 to support the right of gay couples to adopt children and it played a central role in supporting civil unions. A few months ago, its director, Ann Stanback, [...]
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by Hendrik Hertzbergfrom THE NEW YORKER After the tea-partying, town-meeting-disrupting, pistol-packing mensis horribilis of August, more than a few commentators complained, as one of them put it, that “Obama should have seen it coming.” No one doubted that the current attempt to overhaul America’s uniquely wasteful and unjust system of health insurance and non-insurance would touch [...]
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Lolita: Eros Between the Covers

by Francine Prosefrom LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY In the spring of 2001, on the final night of an unsettling German book tour during which I had become convinced that evening after evening I was reading to different groups of catatonics bused in from the local mental hospital, I was staying at an appropriately eccentric hotel on a hilltop [...]
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Britain's New Supreme Court

by Joshua Rozenbergfrom THE TIMES A new constitution is being created in the United Kingdom. Yet few care to notice. One reason for the lack of concern is that the British constitution is largely unwritten – or, more accurately, uncodified. Another, as Vernon Bogdanor writes in The New British Constitution, is that recent reforms have been [...]
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Critical Care

by Robert B. Reichfrom THE NEW YORK TIMES This timely and insightful book puts Barack Obama’s current quest for universal health insurance in historical context and gives new meaning to the audacity of hope. Universal health care has bedeviled, eluded or defeated every president for the last 75 years. Franklin Roosevelt left it out of Social [...]
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The Complicit General

by Philippe Sands from THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS On April 24, 1863, President Lincoln signed his General Order No. 100, written by Columbia University professor Francis Lieber, to decree that “military necessity does not admit of cruelty.” The United States military formally respected that rule for nearly 140 years—until, on December 2, 2002, Secretary of [...]
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Aerial Reconnaissance Berlin

A public session of the INS Inspectorate Committee will hear evidence and inspect material recovered by Anthony Auerbach. Chair: Tom McCarthy, INS General Secretary. Publication of the Dossier. Rendezvous: 1800h Sunday 27 September 2009, Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES, followed by a reception. more
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Posthumous Gratitude

by Michael Casperfrom n+1 After David Foster Wallace’s tragic death last September 12, while unburdening my shelf of his works to give them a good nostalgic thumbing-through, I remembered an LP in my collection—plucked several summers ago from the dollar bin of a liquidating Cambridge record store—by an artist with the same name as one of [...]
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Poet of Desolate Landscapes

by Jonathan Lethemfrom THE NEW YORK TIMES By the time J. G. Ballard died in April of this year, talk of his long struggle with cancer should have prepared his followers (“fans” is too pale a word for the devotion Ballard inspired), yet the news still came as a shock. Ballard was, unmistakably, a literary futurist, [...]
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Thatcher, Gorbachev, Bush: read the secret Kremlin records

Remarkable cache of official transcripts of conversations which show the then Prime Minister’s hostility towards a united Germany Note by Anatoly Chernyaev on conclusions from the Conference for International Policy. March 10 1986: excerpt (…) Shouldn’t we actually thoroughly consider whether we could mount this whole ‘German-German question’ in such a way so it benefits the socialist community, socialism [...]
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The New Atheism

The New Atheism”, Theos/LICC lecture by Professor John N. Gray (June 16, 2008) John Gray, the author of “Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia” and former professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics gave a lecture on the New Atheism at an event co-hosted by Theos, the public theology think [...]
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The Nuclear Non-Protestation Treaty

Susan Watkinsfrom the NEW LEFT REVIEW The roar of crashing banks and stock markets has drowned the drumbeat for war on Iran of late; but behind the headlines of economic turmoil, a nuclear-weapons crisis persists. Obama has vowed that he will do ‘whatever it takes’ to stop the Iranian enrichment programme. The threat of military force [...]
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By Any Means Necessary

Editorialfrom THE NATION Senator Edward Kennedy was a fighting liberal, a lion to the very end–often among timid cubs. His final fight was for quality, affordable healthcare for all. As recently as July, Kennedy called it “the cause of my life” and argued eloquently that “quality care shouldn’t depend on your financial resources, or the type [...]
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