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Daily Archives: October 28, 2009

The Democratic Wish

by John Gray from The National John Keane’s new history shows that democracy is not a uniquely western invention. But this important revision, John Gray argues, does not add up to an argument for its necessity. The Life and Death of Democracy John Keane Simon & Schuster Dh174 Writing in 1908, the German thinker Max [...]
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Chin Music

by Louis Menandfrom THE NEW YORKER In 2008, half the people who watched the Fox News Channel were over sixty-three, which is the oldest demographic in the cable-news business, and, according to a poll, the majority of the ones who watched the most strident programs, such as Sean Hannity’s and Bill O’Reilly’s shows, were men. All [...]
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American Centaur: An Interview with John Updike

From THE NEW YORKER On October 21, 1978, John Updike was in Zagreb, Croatia, at the invitation of the Writers’ Association of Croatia and the American Information Center. In the afternoon, he gave a lengthy interview to Zvonimir Radeljkovi? and Omer Hadžiselimovi?, professors of English who specialized in American literature at the University of Sarajevo. In [...]
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