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Daily Archives: November 6, 2009

Hotel Palenque // by Robert Smithson

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3848643&w=600&h=350&]
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Red Shi'ism, Iran and the Islamist Revolution

by Alastair Crooke from Red Pepper From the Iranian revolution to the Palestinian struggle, it has often been Islamic ideas that have inspired resistance to imperialism. Here, Alastair Crooke argues that the left needs a more complex understanding of the thinking, critical forms of political Islam It is 30 years now since the Iranian revolution, and it is [...]
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Sculpting in Time // by Andrei Tarkovsky

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This is a treadmill made from decomposing shit that is so devoid of nutrients that even its compost won’t allow anything fresh to grow.

by Mark Fischer from Blunt Art Text (B.A.T) Recently I received an email from a student in Ireland. He had discovered an interview in which I discussed an old project that sounded extremely similar to something he had been working on for a year and was about to exhibit. This discovery sent him into a “mini-crisis” and [...]
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Collection of works by Francis Bacon

We came across a large collection of images of works by Francis Bacon. You can access it here.
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Perfecting the Paranoid Style

by Peter Struck from Lapham’s Quarterly From Buckley to Beck Back in 1996, I had a correspondence with William F. Buckley, Jr., who, like many of those on the Right at the time, had a habit of claiming ownership over the ideas and spirit of the classical past. So it wasn’t altogether surprising to see him on television [...]
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Techno-digital apocalyptism…

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