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Who killed John Keats?

by John Barnard from Times On Friday July 27, 1821, five months after Keats’s death, the Morning Chronicle printed, under the heading “John Keats, the Poet”, a long letter written by someone identified only as “Y”. The letter was reprinted by Edmund Blunden in his book Shelley and Keats as they struck their Contemporaries (1925), with the [...]
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A Cartoon

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Thinking in Dark Times—Six Questions for Roger Berkowitz

By Scott Horton from Harper’s Fordham University Press has just put out Thinking in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt on Ethics and Politics, a collection of papers from a conference convened at Bard College to mark Arendt’s hundredth birthday. I put six questions to Roger Berkowitz, a professor at Bard and academic director of the Hannah Arendt Center [...]
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All That

by David Foster Wallace from The New Yorker Once when I was a little boy I received as a gift a toy cement mixer. It was made of wood except for its wheels—axles—which, as I remember, were thin metal rods. I’m ninety per cent sure it was a Christmas gift. I liked it the same way a [...]
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Reckoning with Torture: Memos and Testimonies from the "War on Terror"

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4077528&w=600&h=400&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]
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Bill Viola: Anthem (1983)

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4070064&w=600&h=400&] The Anthem, in Israeli religion, is a chorus sung, repetitively, between each verse of a psalm. The piece centers on a single piercing scream and on the extension of this scream by a little girl eleven years old under the engine shed at Union Railroad Station in Los Angeles. This initial cry, which only lasts [...]
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More Evidence of an Emerging Military Dictatorship in Iran

by Scott Horton from Harper’s New York Times editor Bill Keller speculated that the Green Revolution in Iran would cement the position of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Others saw another confrontation in which the clerical party had triumphed over reformers. Both of these analyses now seem wide of the mark. The latest developments in Iran provide more evidence [...]
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Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri: Commonwealth (2009)

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Bedeutung interviews Noam Chomsky

by Alexandros Stavrakas from Bedeutung Magazine In the context of Bedeutung’s fourth and forthcoming issue, titled Intellectuals & Masses, editor Alex Stavrakas interviewed Noam Chomsky. The well-known linguist and vocal critic of capitalism speaks about American politics and Obama, the financial crisis, religious faith, the US’s role as a hegemonic power and, even, the move from [...]
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