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Badiou/Zizek: Philosophy in the Present

To mark our comeback, after a long period of inactivity, here’s a copy of Philosophy in the Present by Alain Badiou & Slavoj Zizek.
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Inhuman Thoughts // by Asher Seidel

Inhuman Thoughts is a philosophical exploration of the possibility of increasing the physiological and psychological capacities of humans to the point that they are no longer biologically, psychologically, or socially human. The movement is from the human through the trans-human, to the post-human. The tone is optimistic; Seidel argues that such an evolution would be [...]
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I Could Fix That

by David Runciman from The London Review of Books In the final year of the last century, George Stephanopoulos, Bill Clinton’s one-time aide and press secretary, published a memoir of his time in the White House entitled All Too Human: A Political Education. Back then, it seemed like a terribly exciting book: 1999 was the year of [...]
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Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri: Commonwealth (2009)

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Some worthy downloads: Callinicos, Butler, Agamben and Latour

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Stealing Empire

Stealing Empire poses the question, “What possibilities for agency exist in the age of corporate globalisation?” Using the work of Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt as a point of entry, Adam Haupt delves into varied terrain to locate answers in this ground-breaking inquiry. He explores arguments about copyright via peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms such as Napster, [...]
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Conversations with Žižek

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Michel Foucault: The Birth of Biopolitics. Lectures at the Collège de France, 1978-1979

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Axler's Theater

by Elaine Blair from the New York Review of Books One of the rare funny moments in Philip Roth’s recent novel Everyman (2006) takes place when the unnamed hero visits his parents’ graves in Newark. His health has been poor, his colleagues and friends have been dying, and though he has no reason to think that his [...]
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We simply do not know!

by John Gray from The London Review of Books The last two years, in which capitalism has suffered one of its periodic shocks, have given John Maynard Keynes a new lease of life. Events have demonstrated the limits of the theory that economies can be relied on to be stable if they are lightly regulated and otherwise [...]
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Speakers: Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt Freakonomics was a worldwide sensation, selling 4 million copies in 35 languages. Now, four years in the making, arrives the follow up: SuperFreakonomics. Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner return with a book that is even bolder, funnier, and more surprising than the first. Freakonomics made the world safe [...]
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Bedeutung Magazine Issue 4: Intellectuals & Masses // a study of the depiction of the 'average' person by intellectuals

“There is nothing so annoying as to be fairly rich, of a fairly good family, pleasing presence, average education, to be ‘not stupid,’ kind-hearted, and yet to have no talent at all, no originality, not a single idea of one’s own—to be, in fact, ‘just like everyone else.’ Of such people there are countless numbers in [...]
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Bataille, Breton and Lenin

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Sculpting in Time // by Andrei Tarkovsky

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Techno-digital apocalyptism…

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