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Conversations with Žižek

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The Books Interview: Chantal Mouffe

You argue that politicians should seek to create a “vibrant ‘agonistic’ public sphere”. What do you mean by that? What I have in mind is not simply a space for the expression of any kind of disagreement, but a confrontation between conflicting notions about how to organise society. This does not exist in Britain at the [...]
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Michel Foucault: The Birth of Biopolitics. Lectures at the Collège de France, 1978-1979

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A conversation with Simon Critchley, Judith Butler and Jacques Rancière

Taken place at the New School in New York. Listen here: [audio]
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Waking the dead

by Terry Eagleton from the New Statesman The German philosopher Walter Benjamin had the curious notion that we could change the past. For most of us, the past is fixed while the future is open. Benjamin thought that the past could be transformed by what we do in the present. Not literally transformed, of course, since the [...]
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Heidegger, Wittgenstein and the Last Judgement

The paper examines some of Heidegger’s early reflections on religious belief. It focuses on his lectures on St Paul and on the latter’s remarks on the Last Judgment in particular. The reading offered illustrates, and thus helps to refine the identity of, a particular kind of recognizably ‘phenomenological’ reflection, which, firstly, can be expected to [...]
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We simply do not know!

by John Gray from The London Review of Books The last two years, in which capitalism has suffered one of its periodic shocks, have given John Maynard Keynes a new lease of life. Events have demonstrated the limits of the theory that economies can be relied on to be stable if they are lightly regulated and otherwise [...]
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"I like lists for the same reason other people like football or pedophilia" – an interview with Umberto Eco

by Susanne Beyer and Lothar Gorris from Spiegel Online Italian novelist and semiotician Umberto Eco, who is curating a new exhibition at the Louvre in Paris, talks to SPIEGEL about the place lists hold in the history of culture, the ways we try to avoid thinking about death and why Google is dangerous for young people. SPIEGEL: Mr. [...]
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They the People: Problems of after-globalization

by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak ??You have asked for current thinking about different concepts and forms of political collectivity.* If I were speaking as an academic, I would, I suppose, look once again at the implications of ‘multitudes’, as conceived by our colleagues and allies Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt. Speaking as an activist, however, I am [...]
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Walter Benjamin & Bertolt Brecht: Story of a Friendship?

The English translation of Erdmut Wizisla’s formidable study Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht: The Story of a Friendship is published this Autumn by Libris. No-one has a better view of the much disputed relationship between these two figures than Erdmut Wizisla, director of Berlin’s Benjamin and Brecht Archive. Greeting the German edition, Momme Brodersen spoke [...]
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Human Rights in the 21st Century

Speaker: Noam Chomsky Leading thinker Professor Noam Chomsky considers the state and future of human rights. Noam Chomsky is professor of linguistics at MIT. [audio]
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The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Ten Years On

Speaker: John Gray The financial upheavals of the past two years have occurred against the background of a decade of crisis in global capitalism. The neo-liberal model has collapsed. What comes next, and what are the geopolitical implications? John Gray is emeritus professor at LSE and author of Gray’s Anatomy: selected writings and False Dawn: delusions of [...]
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Bedeutung Magazine Issue 4: Intellectuals & Masses // a study of the depiction of the 'average' person by intellectuals

“There is nothing so annoying as to be fairly rich, of a fairly good family, pleasing presence, average education, to be ‘not stupid,’ kind-hearted, and yet to have no talent at all, no originality, not a single idea of one’s own—to be, in fact, ‘just like everyone else.’ Of such people there are countless numbers in [...]
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Tribute to Giovanni Arrighi

by Tom Reifer from the New Left Review Of the minds produced by the international left in the second half of the twentieth century, few have been the equal, in historical imagination, architectonic scope and conceptual clarity, to Giovanni Arrighi, whose work will be read and reflected on for the rest of this century. We publish below [...]
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Paul de Man essay collection

Essays: “Literary History and Literary Modernity” (1970) “Literature and Language: A Commentary” (1972) “Semiology and Rhetoric” (1973) “The Epistemology of Metaphor” (1978) “Autobiography as De-Facement” (1979) “Sign and Symbol in Hegel’s Aesthetics” (1982) “The Resistance to Theory” (1982) “‘Conclusions’ on Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Task of the Translator’” (1983) “Dialogue and Dialogism” (1983) “Time and History in Wordsworth” (1987) Interview: Stephano Rosso and Paul de Man: “An [...]
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H. U. Obrist and Shlomo Sand on BBC Radio 4

Andrew Marr talks to writer Tony Marchant about crime, law and Georgian London, Hans Ulrich Obrist about the art of the curator, Shlomo Sand about his controversial unravelling of Jewish history, and Sue Brown about Keats’s deathbed companion, Joseph Severn. [vodpod id=Groupvideo.3878393&w=425&h=350&]  
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Bataille, Breton and Lenin

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20 Years of Collapse

by Slavoj Žižek from The New York Times Today is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. During this time of reflection, it is common to emphasize the miraculous nature of the events that began that day: a dream seemed to come true, the Communist regimes collapsed like a house of cards, and the [...]
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Slavoj Žižek – First as Tragedy, Then As Farce

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3874773&w=600&h=400&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]?
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Sculpting in Time // by Andrei Tarkovsky

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