Bedeutung is a magazine of Philosophy, Current Affairs, Art and Literature – an intellectually radical, political, engaged, daring and aesthetically captivating publication. The essays and imagery that appear in Bedeutung are intended to be uncompromisingly incisive. The thinkers and artists collaborating with Bedeutung range across many disciplines: philosophers, academics, authors, poets, film directors, composers, documentarists, painters, photographers, designers, architects, critics, actors.

We publish texts and imagery regardless of their contentiousness. We promote diversity where it is really needed: not in social, racial or sexual particularities but in conceptual and ideological struggles. Bedeutung is a magazine that promotes multiplicity precisely by ignoring ostensible constituents: we focus on ideas, we promote commitment, we welcome agendas, we undersign engagement.


Issue 1 Nature & Culture
Issue 2 Human & Divine
Issue 3 Life & Death
Issue 4 Intellectuals & Masses – coming soon


Nadja Argyropoulou
Becky Beasley
Nick Bostrom
Martin Browning
Cornelius Castoriadis
Noam Chomsky
Chris Coker
John Cooper
Simon Critchley
Nick Davies
Costas Douzinas
Apostolos Doxiadis
Okwui Enwezor
Martino Gamper
David Anthony Gerard
David Goldblatt
A.C. Grayling
Peter Harris
Martin Holbraad
Joh Gray
Peter-Pawel Kraljic
Helmut Lang
John Latham
Pawel Leszkowicz
Lucy Levene
Nicos Mouzelis
Warren Neidich
Svetlana Palmer
Ariane Pauls
Robert Pfaller
Allen Ruppersberg
Rebecca Schiffman
Elfie Semotan
Antonia Spiegel
Keir Starmer QC
Yannis Stavrakakis
John Strutton
Esther Teichmann
Guy Tillim
Constantine Tsoucalas
Bill Viola
Neville Wakefield
Sarah Wallis
Bruce Weber
Jamieson Webster
Rowan Williams
Sarah Wood
Slavoj Žižek