We welcome submissions for forthcoming issues from anyone wishing to contribute. If you are thinking of sending us material for publication, please read below to get an idea of what we will consider. Rules are not made to be broken.

• We are mostly, if not exclusively, interested in material that is germane to the theme of a forthcoming issue.

• The texts that appear in the magazine are rarely less than 3000 words and they go up to 10000, excluding foot/endnotes, bibliography etc. This means that we are looking for articles that display some degree of thoroughness.

• Stylistically, we do not fancy name-dropping and flamboyance. We are delighted to read imaginative texts, even playful ones, and will definitely consider them fit for publication, as long as they are not pontifical and vain.

• We will consider submissions from a wide range of disciplines: philosophy, politics, art/culture, journalism, film, science, literature. Please, however, refrain from using jargon that would make your text accessible only to a very specialised readership.

• If you are an artist considering a collaboration, please bear in mind the following: we are inclined to show the work, rather than publish about it. This means that we are keen on providing the artist with an agreed number of pages that can be treated as an exhibition space.

• At this point we don’t publish poetry. We wouldnt be able to tell good from bad.

• We will publish texts that have been published elsewhere, provided that their significance merits a re-publication. You must, obviously, hold the copyright. You can also consider translating texts that appear in a different language (subject to arrangement with us).

• This should go without saying, but experience has taught us that it doesn’t: please send us finished works, not the title of something you are considering writing or an idea that could develop to an article. And vice-versa: don’t send us your 50000-words dissertation and expect us to edit it.

• Feel free to include images with your text.

• Please include all your contact details. We also recommend an abstract of no more than 500 words on the first page of your submission.

• Unfortunately, we are presently not in the favourable position to pay for submissions.


There is currently no forthcoming deadline

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    If you are interested in being published in Bedeutung, please email the editors here. Thank you.