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Why Google is the Nike of the internet

by Alexandros Stavrakas from The Guardian Google decided two weeks ago to shut down its hitherto self-censoring search service in China. This allegedly costly gesture, intended as a bold statement rather than a formal articulation of corporate “foreign policy”, is congruous with the company’s liberal philosophy and juxtaposed to the aged conformity of, say, Microsoft. But far [...]
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Chongqing: Socialism in One City

by Robert Dreyfuss from The Nation I’m writing today from Chongqing, a vast city in central China that is China’s gateway to its western regions. By some accounts, Chongqing is the largest city in the world, a muncipality of 32 million people, but that, I’ve learned, is misleading, since that number includes the population of a handful [...]
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S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine

In his masterpiece, S21: the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (2003), Cannes prize winner Rithy Panh brings together former torturers and survivors of the Tuol Sleng prison in Phnom Penh (code named S21). S21is a tour of the site by those who remember it as a working machine in which 17,000 people were killed. Through meticulously [...]
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Tribute to Giovanni Arrighi

by Tom Reifer from the New Left Review Of the minds produced by the international left in the second half of the twentieth century, few have been the equal, in historical imagination, architectonic scope and conceptual clarity, to Giovanni Arrighi, whose work will be read and reflected on for the rest of this century. We publish below [...]
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Art For The Millions: 100 Sculptures from the Mao era

In conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair’s focus on China, the SCHIRN will be showing, for the first time ever in the West, the spectacular Chinese sculptural group “Rent Collection Courtyard”. This ensemble of more than one hundred life-size figures is among the most important works in modern Chinese art history and is firmly fixed [...]
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