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The Courtesy of God

by Garret Keizer from Lapham’s Quarterly The devil you say These days what the Epistle of James says about believing in God—that the devils believe in him too, ergo beware of taking too much credit for your credos—is often on my mind. God may or may not be in his heaven, but on any given week he is [...]
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Mandates of Heaven

by Lewis Lapham from Lapham’s Quarterly This issue of Lapham’s Quarterly doesn’t trade in divine revelation, engage in theological dispute, or doubt the existence of God. What is of interest are the ways in which religious belief gives birth to historical event, makes law and prayer and politics, accounts for the death of an army or the [...]
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Perfecting the Paranoid Style

by Peter Struck from Lapham’s Quarterly From Buckley to Beck Back in 1996, I had a correspondence with William F. Buckley, Jr., who, like many of those on the Right at the time, had a habit of claiming ownership over the ideas and spirit of the classical past. So it wasn’t altogether surprising to see him on television [...]
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Oath of Office

A Conversation Between Richard Selzer & Peter Josyphfrom LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY Josyph: “I swear by Apollo, the physician.” On whom did Apollo practice? Selzer: Well, he was called upon to heal miraculously. Iapyx, in the Aeneid, was a doctor. He had asked to learn the healing arts from Apollo because he wanted to save his own father, who [...]
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The God in the Machine

by Lewis Laphamfrom LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY The ordinary course of a cure is carried on at the expense of life: they incise us, they cauterize us, they amputate our limbs, they deprive us of food and blood. One step further, and we are completely cured.–Michel de Montaigne President Barack Obama during his first months in office seldom has [...]
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Lolita: Eros Between the Covers

by Francine Prosefrom LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY In the spring of 2001, on the final night of an unsettling German book tour during which I had become convinced that evening after evening I was reading to different groups of catatonics bused in from the local mental hospital, I was staying at an appropriately eccentric hotel on a hilltop [...]
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The Right to Health

by Noga Arikhafrom LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY
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