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Speak, Nabokov

by Michael Maar from n+1 Playboy supposedly paid the highest advance in its history for the right to serialize the work. The offer was made sight unseen. One would rather not imagine the long faces when Laura finally lays bare her scant charms. For thirty years there were whispers about Laura. The manuscript that the dying author in [...]
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Vladimir Nabokov discusses Lolita

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When Writers Speak

by Arthur Krystalfrom THE NEW YORK TIMES That’s Vladimir Nabokov on my computer screen, looking both dapper and disheveled. He’s wearing a suit and a multibuttoned vest that scrunches the top of his tie, making it poke out of his shirt like an old-fashioned cravat. Large, lumpish, delicate and black-spectacled, he’s perched on a couch alongside [...]
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