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A Slip of the Tongue

by Peter Foges In 1990, just months after the dismantling of the wall, I was in Berlin as a producer for a weekly PBS show on money and markets. Waiting in my hotel lobby, I’d just derailed my television story for the chance to interview an East German official about the last days of the DDR [...]
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A Conversation With Gore Vidal

by John Meroney from The Atlantic At age 83, Gore Vidal remains a sharp provocateur, as irascible and irreverent as ever. Snapshots in History’s Glare, a new memoir by Vidal released this month, renews interest in this American literary and cultural icon—offering readers a pictorial look at his singular life, from his youth in the political and social [...]
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The Democratic Wish

by John Gray from The National John Keane’s new history shows that democracy is not a uniquely western invention. But this important revision, John Gray argues, does not add up to an argument for its necessity. The Life and Death of Democracy John Keane Simon & Schuster Dh174 Writing in 1908, the German thinker Max [...]
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From Tariq Ali’s forthcoming "The Idea of Communism"

The Central Committee instructed Marx to produce a manifesto. A few months later, the document was still not forthcoming and a slightly tetchy triumvirate – consisting of Citizens Karl Schapper, Heinrich Bauer and Joseph Moll – despatched a warning note to the author on behalf of the Committee: ‘The Central Committee [in London] hereby directs the [...]
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The Trap 1 – F**k You Buddy

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