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Postscript: Paul Samuelson

by John Cassidy from The New Yorker In the fall of 1996, I arranged to interview Paul Samuelson in his office at M.I.T. for an article I was writing on the state of economics, which is available online to subscribers. At the allotted time, 12:00 if I remember rightly, there was no sign of Samuelson, who was [...]
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In Berlin, a Peter Hacks Renaissance

by Nathan Thornburgh from the Book Bench of The New Yorker The Wall came down twenty years ago, but when it comes to the East German writer Peter Hacks, the dust is still clearing. The playwright, poet, and occasional author of Communist allegories for children was all but forgotten when he died in 2003. But this past [...]
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War and Politics in Afghanistan

by Steve Collfrom THE NEW YORKER Over the summer, the Afghan Taliban’s military committee distributed “A Book of Rules,” in Pashto, to its fighters. The book’s eleven chapters seem to draw from the population-centric principles of F.M. 3-24, the U.S. Army’s much publicized counter-insurgency field manual, released in 2006. Henceforth, the Taliban guide declares, suicide bombers [...]
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Procedure in Plain Air

by Jonatham Lethemfrom THE NEW YORKER Later, after the men in jumpsuits had driven up and begun digging the hole, Stevick would remember that the guy on the bench beside him had been gazing puzzledly into the cone of his large coffee and had tried to interest him in the question of whether the café’s brew [...]
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Nobel Surprise

by Hendrik Hertzbergfrom THE NEW YORKER If President Obama really had to get a gift postmarked Scandinavia this month, he would probably, on the whole, have preferred the Olympics. At least at the Olympics the judges wait till after the race to give you the gold medal. They don’t force it on you while you’re still [...]
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Whisper This: Here Comes Stimulus 2.1

by John Cassidyfrom THE NEW YORKER As expected, last week’s poor job report has generated calls for another stimulus package, with Paul Krugman and congressional Democrats in swing districts arguing that the existing measure is inadequate. Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said earlier this week that there were “no plans” for another stimulus bill, [...]
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