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Thatcher, Thatcher, Thatcher

by John Gray from the London Review of Books There wasn’t anything inevitable about David Cameron’s rise. If Kenneth Clarke had stirred himself into running something like a campaign when competing for the leadership with Iain Duncan Smith and been ready to appear more tractable on Europe; if David Davis had moved decisively in the immediate aftermath [...]
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The Books Interview: Chantal Mouffe

You argue that politicians should seek to create a “vibrant ‘agonistic’ public sphere”. What do you mean by that? What I have in mind is not simply a space for the expression of any kind of disagreement, but a confrontation between conflicting notions about how to organise society. This does not exist in Britain at the [...]
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Whilst we’re at it: Out of Kilter

Here’s a blog entry by the conspicuously named Roy Mayall for the London Review Blog: The postal strike is off. You don’t need me to tell you that. What you may not know is how this has affected us posties. I first heard the rumours in the office on Thursday when I got back from my round. [...]
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“Evil” British Medicine?

by Peter Foges “Evil,” ”Stalinist,” “Nazi.” Full of incompetence and bureaucratic bloat; a socialist system that rations care; a system where patients wait months to have their tonsils out or are left to die in squalid, ill-equipped hospitals by order of sinister death panels.That’s how the Republican Right and anti-healthcare reform crazies characterized socialized British medicine [...]
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