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Neither theocracy nor secularism?

by Ali Alizadehfrom RADICAL PHILOSOPHY On Saturday 13 June this year, hours after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Ministry of the Interior announced his landslide victory as Iran’s president and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the religious head of state, prematurely and unconstitutionally embraced these results, Tehran and several other major cities became the stage for spontaneous, sporadic and widespread protests. [...]
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From a Notebook that Never Was

by Fernando Pesoafrom the POETRY FOUNDATION I always acted on the inside . . . I never touched life . . . Whenever I began to trace an action, I finished it in my dreams, heroically . . . A sword weighs more than the idea of a sword . . . I commanded large armies, [...]
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The Face of Bach

Forensic artists at the University of Dundee have recreated the face of Johan Sebastian Bach, one of the world’s greatest composers. The Centre for Forensic and Medical Art at Dundee, led by Dr Caroline Wilkinson, was commissioned by the Bachhaus Museum in Germany to recreate the face of Bach, who only once sat for a painted [...]
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"We're Number 37"

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Fox on Patriot: A Video Fisking!

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Executive Immunity Suffers Another Setback

by Scott Horton Is an Italian law that grants senior officials of the government immunity from criminal prosecution during the time they serve in office consistent with the Italian Constitution’s guarantee that all citizens are equal before the law? The Italian Constitutional Court answered that question yesterday with a decisive “no.” It concluded that senior officials [...]
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Whisper This: Here Comes Stimulus 2.1

by John Cassidyfrom THE NEW YORKER As expected, last week’s poor job report has generated calls for another stimulus package, with Paul Krugman and congressional Democrats in swing districts arguing that the existing measure is inadequate. Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said earlier this week that there were “no plans” for another stimulus bill, [...]
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Bristling with Diligence

by James Woodfrom the LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS There is what seems an interesting slip early in A.S. Byatt’s new novel. It is 1895. A young working-class man, Philip Warren, has been adopted by a liberal upper-class family, the Wellwoods. At the Kentish country home of Olive and Humphry Wellwood, a glorious Midsummer Party is in [...]
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Entangled Giant

by Garry Willsfrom THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS George W. Bush left the White House unpopular and disgraced. His successor promised change, and it was clear where change was needed. Illegal acts should cease—torture and indefinite detention, denial of habeas corpus and legal representation, unilateral canceling of treaties, defiance of Congress and the Constitution, nullification [...]
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