The Greek Crisis – Politics-Economics-Ethics

Listen here to the debate at the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, held on May 5th.


• Stathis Kouvelakis, Kings College, London
• Kevin Featherstone, Director, Hellenic Observatory, LSE
• Costas Lapavitsas, Economics, SOAS
• Peter Bratsis, Politics, Salford University
• Costas Douzinas (Chair) Birkbeck

Introduction by speakers:


Open debate:


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    This might provide a short term relief but the long standing structural problems of the “Club Med” members still stand.Providing more liquidity and lending to the solvency and productivity problems of the PIGS cannot help.The Euro and and the Asian markets are up on the news of the Fund . The markets would have shown a dead cat bounce anyway after the fall of the last week. However the EU leaders would have been better served by drawing out a roadmap whereby their structural problems could have been solved.

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